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    Team Performance by Map - An interactive Story Board looking at the Destiny Population

    Egor Larin

      Hello community!



      Who likes games? Console Games? PC Games? In my case a switch totally from PC games to Console Games. Now, my PC only for Tableau and Internet

      Some of you maybe know the phenome in gaming industry made by Bungie - "Destiny". If not - go and play, enjoy and fun.



      • Revolution in first person shooters with RPG style on consoles! Bungie combines it very well and around 6 million people have been played that game since Sep 2014
      • They grew up your number of connection in PlayStation Network (internal network on PS consoles with game servers, places to communicate with friends). Before that game i have just 20 friends - now number of active users with whom i can play is around - 100! 5x times ")
      • The developers (Bungie) created an API to the game.3rd site programmers create a lot of Apps that allow you to track or manipulate with game content.
        • For example Google Chrome Add-on "Destiny Item Manager" . That interface allow you to manage gear, weapons, and items in Destiny. Most interesting thing to create a sets of gears, because for different situations - different style of play and gear
        • Another thing here - DestinyTracker.com. These enthusiasts create data collecting system to track your stats over the game. You can see your progress and additional stats. Analyse and grow up your skills.(here is my page) They have a DB with full content descriptions, activities, quests and so on. Alos they collecting data about all games in PvP (player vs player) activities aka 'Crucible'. Heaven for gamer with Tableau Skills


      Destiny Tracker have been loading all the games played since December 1st. Each game goes on different map, maps on different planets, also they are in different PvP modes:

      • 6 vs 6 players
      • 3 vs 3 players
      • Some Activities have time limit during the Month or Week - like Iron Banner or Trials Of Osiris.


      They wanted to use that data more, so they started wondering, how fair are the maps for each team? Like map ballance.

      The answer: Pretty good, but there is definitely some interesting things to look at.

      Here is a cooperation between me and DTR team. Thank you guys for this opportunity to vizzy with my favorite game!

      Take a look



      Crucible. Alpha vs Bravo.png