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    PrintToPdf not showing correct font from Tableau Desktop 9.0

    arju m



      I am suing BentonSans Bold in  the worksheet and went to File->Print To Pdf -> then PDF opened and showing some kind of Chineese or Japan language other than English. when I select different font I am getting right font in the pdf as expected. this issue is only happening with BentonSans Bold or BentonSans family. Can anybody help with this issue?


      But one more thing I realized, when I export this as a image, I can see correct font as expected. and also the sane worksheet can be deployed into sever and see the right font as expected.


      So the problem is only in Tableau Desktop 9.0 -> Print To Pdf with BentonSans Family fonts.


      BTW, I am using Acrobat reader 11 (latest one)


      help is highly appreciated.