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    Show This Month versus Last Month Comparison on a single row in a dashboard

    Stephen Ryan

      Dashboard 1 has Sales and Profit.  On the Dashboard 1, there are 5 filters and a flow chart, also there is individual sheets placed beside boxes in the flow chart.  These sheets are to display a measure against a target or an up/down arrow (Sales an example). Therefore, a user will see Profit|Up/down arrow|Profit Target.  In addition, a measure is to be compared against this month value against the previous month value, with the up/down arrow. Therefore, a user will see This Month Value|up/down arrow|Last Month Value.  The measures involved will be aggregated and non-aggregated, for example for profit ratio and profit.


      The measures must be a running total for the year, if January was 10, February 15 and March 25 then when March is selected the value 50 should be displayed.  Dashboard 2 has Sales2 and Profit2 which uses parameters for Year and Month.


      Table calculations won’t in this situation since table calculations are calculated based on is in the view.  Parameters may work although I do not know how to achieve a running value or how to make parameters work for aggregated values like profit ratio.


      In the workbook, it should demonstrate what I am trying to achieve, please do hesitate to ask any questions.


      Thanks in advance.