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    How to restrict our data across data source based on date

    Randy Adhitama Setiadi

      Hi All,


      I want to ask is it possible to show only KPI until certain date that only showed. And I need to do this across different data source.


      Here's the example. Let say I have 2 data source:


      1. Sheet 1

      2. Sheet 2


      Sheet 1 contain data that records survey that certain person did. And noted that 1 person can fill the survey more than one.


      I only need the last date for every PersonId, so icreated a new calculated field called "Last Date Show"


      Now go to sheet 2, Sheet 2 contained data with certain KPI data.


      Every PersonID in Sheet 2 have their performance on certain day. I don't have idea how to make it restrict based on the last date they filled the survey on the Sheet 1. So it will something like this.

      * don't bother with EventID, I only created it to show how the data should be.


      So, how I can make the data it Sheet 2 restricted based on the last date data in Sheet 1?


      Attached is workbook example