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    Rank in grand total query

    Simon Schoon



      I'm developing a view where I analyse the performance of different products across some evaluation criteria / requirements, and have been using the average grand total function to understand what scored best on average across requirement areas.


      In the attached dashboard you can see how I have two worksheets pulled together, one showing scores across requirements and the second showing the grand total score with the headers hidden. In the first worksheet 'HR portal land' you'll see how I have a table calc rank of performance in the tooltip showing how well each product performed within that particular requirement area.


      I want to repeat this in the grand total column so that I can understand the rank across all requirement areas (e.g. a rank of the text that is currently displayed in the grand totals column). I have read quite a few articles and cannot seem to work out the answer. If anyone can help it would be hugely appreciated.


      Many thanks,