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    Two different time series on the same table in Tableau


      Hi ,

      Im trying to create a table from the following data:


      Table 1:

      ID - - - - - Created Date

      111            XX.XX.XXXX

      222            XX.XX.XXXX

      333            XX.XX.XXXX



      Table 2

      ID - - - - - - Process Date

      888            YY.YY.YYYY

      999            YY.YY.YYYY

      777            YY.YY.YYYY


      Table 3

      ID - - - - - - Process Date

      444            YY.YY.YYYY

      555            YY.YY.YYYY

      666            YY.YY.YYYY


      - i need to put in Columns  - Date

      - i need to put in row d-count of ID's (3 ID's)


      The date is different from table 1 to table 2-3

      To summarize, I need to "filter" specific rows (2,3) in a YY date and row 1 in XX date


      hope i explained it right


      Thanks !

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          Jonathan Drummey

          You'll need to union the tables together to make them a "tall" table so you can have a single date column In Tableau through version 9.2 the only way to do this is to use a Custom SQL connection. Outside of Tableau you can do things like manually combine the tables, create a view that does the union, or more complicated options.


          Tableau v9.3 (currently in beta) has a union feature for Excel and text sources, my expectation based on the demo at last year's Tableau conference is that we'll see that expanded to other data sources in a future release.