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    Tableau Server Repository

    Alex Ashby

      I connected to the Tableau Server Postgres Repository and am trying to find a way to determine when users are using the web authoring feature. Currently the only way we've been determine this is by parsing the "Http Request Uri"  field in the http_requests table for "authoring" and "authoringNewWorkbook". Does anyone if there is another way of determining this in any of the other tables rather than having to parse a URL like that?


      Thank you!

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          John Kuo

          I believe the "capabilities" table is what you're looking for


          Check out this link: Workgroups Database





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            Alex Ashby

            Thank you for the response John. I guess I'm not seeing how the Capabilities table is supposed to connect to any other table. Is there a way it can connect to the Hist tables or do you know a way to determine Web Authoring in the Hist tables?





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              Andrew Macey

              No, "capabilities" only relates to the user's entitlements, specifically their Role. In my Server 9.1 testing, http_requests is the only place you'll catch it. The hist_* tables record the creation of new workbooks online as "Publish Workbook" (same as publish from desktop it seems). You can get the appropriate joins for the hist tables from Server workbook ...\Tableau\Tableau Server\9.1\wgserver\z5\WEB-INF\admin\tabbed_admin_view.twb



              The joins I use to get user info) from http_requests are something like:

              Select ...

              from http_requests h, sites s, system_users su, users u

              where h.user_id = u.id

              and u.system_user_id = su.id

              and u.site_id=h.site_id

              and h.site_id=s.id

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