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    Stacked Bar Chart Color coded by value

    Eric Piekarczyk

      I'm trying to create a stacked bar chart where all measures are the same size and color changes per bar based on a dimension group. In order to get my 4 measure values the same size I tried creating a calculated field with a place holder value of 1. This works great, but then I can't color code the measure value based on another corresponding dimension group. (I want null dates red and any other date green, i know how to do this with a group, but can't seem to connect a dimension group to a specific measure value).


      Take a look at the screen shot, ".Finacing Release Group" should determine the "Financing Release" bar color. ".HOA Aprvd Group" should determine the color of "HOA Apvd" bar, and so on.


      I really want a stacked bar chart per "Name" so you can see progress and what it takes to get each one to all green.


      Thanks in advance for any help!HOACapture.PNG