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    Top 2 Box Rating Calculations & Dashboard Action Filter

    Marc Levy


      It would be awesome if someone could look at the attached workbook and craft the views so that the dashboard action filter works and the top 2 box calculations are in place.  A brief explanation of the solutions would also be helpful.  See more detail below.



      • Dashboard Action Filter


      In the upper left hand corner of the Scorecard viz, there are four horizontal bars:  Delivery, Operations, Customer Relationship & Programs.


      I would like to establish a dashboard filter action where if I click on Delivery it takes me directly to the detailed attributes about delivery on the Dashboard 5 tab.

      Or if I select Programs in the Scorecard, it takes me to the detailed program scores in Dashboard 5.  I haven’t been able to get this action filter to work – going from the initial scorecard tab to the other with the information I’d like to see automatically filtered on the latter Dashboard 5 tab.  Someone mentioned data scaffolding, but I'd really like to see if someone could actually do this to this particular workbook and then I could reverse engineer the solution.



      • Top 2 Box Calculation


      Right now the four horizontal bars on the Scorecard tab show the mean scores.   I would like to add the Top 2 box % to the tooltip for each of these four bars.  These four bars are an aggregate summary of the detailed scores for each unit in the Dashboard 5 tab.   How can the Top 2 Box % score be calculated for “Delivery”, “Operations”, “Customer Relationship” and “Programs” (Top 2 box score in this instance is anyone that gave a rating of  “6” or “7” rating on this 1-7 scale)?  Again, if the top 2 box calculation could be made in the attached workbook that would be helpful.

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          Joe Oppelt

          I'm looking at this, but wow, you make it challenging.


          I see that the "Attribute Ratings" sheet uses [Q6 AVG] to display "Delivery".  I'm assuming that when you want to go to Dashboard 5, you want to see only "Delivery" information there.

          What dimension identifies something as "Delivery" in data source "Anonymize 10", and "Delivery" in "Anonymize 11"?  Because that's what you need to be passing in the action filter.


          It looks to me like the "categories" are determined by the specific measure field(s) in each row.  You can't do action filters that way.


          I can suggest this:  Create a parameter with values of Delivery, Operations, Customer Relations, Programs.  Let the user select one.  Then hit a button to go to Dashboard 5.  (Not passing any values.)  And in Sheet 15, use the parameter value to know which category the user wants to see, and display accordingly.

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            Joe Oppelt

            As for top-2 box ...


            I don't understand your description.  Use actual field names.  And given the data in the extract, what number do you actually expect to see for a given category?

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              Marc Levy

              Apologies for the lack of clarity.


              For example, let's look at the "Delivery" bar on the Scorecard tab.   It is an average of all the scores on the 5 sub-attributes on Delivery in Dashboard 5 (delivery driver, flexibility of RDC, Communication from RDC, Claims process and Load quality)


              Instead of mean score, I'd like to calculate the top 2 box rating % for each of these 5 sub-attributes on Delivery, and then take a overall average % of the five Top 2 box percentages.

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                Joe Oppelt

                Again, I need to work with actual field names.


                The calc for Delivery on "Scorecard" is:


                (AVG([Q6 A1])+AVG([Q6 A2])+AVG([Q6 A3])+AVG([Q6 A4])+AVG([Q6 A5]))/5


                I have to trust that these 5 data fields match up with ... something ... over in the other data source used on Sheet 15.  Because those field names certainly aren't in the other data source!


                When I get to Anonymize11, how do I identify the "Delivery" rows there?

                And when I am in Anonymize10, are you saying that the Delivery info is identified by particular MEASURE fields, and therefore exists in each row? (Seemingly, [Q6 ...] fields?)


                And I still don't understand what a box rating is.  What is the formula for making a box rating?

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                  Joe Oppelt

                  I'm pretty sure your best bet will be to re-shape the data.


                  Your better "shape" for Anonymize10 would be to have all the dimensions you now have, but add one more.  [Department], for instance, with values of Delivery, Operations, etc.


                  Then instead of having all the Q1 and Q2 and Q3, etc., measures in each row, you would separate them into separate rows, identified by the vale of the [Department] dimension.

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