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    Setting Fiscal Year in Calculated Field

    Darin Friedrichs

      I was curious if anyone has found a method to set different fiscal years for a date in a calculated field?


      In a database I have some data which uses a July fiscal year, and other data which uses a September fiscal year. Right now I run separate views but I'm trying to combine them into one and have it switched the order of months in the views depending on the data.


      For example here's the current setup. I would like to be able to use a parameter which controls if the X axis is July through June, or September through August.


      I was trying to do this with a calculated field and a parameter, for example


      IF [Fiscal Year] = "July" then [JulyFY_Date]

      elseif [Fiscal Year] = "September" then [SeptFY_Date]

      else null end


      But a new calculated field reverts to a calendar year setup and doesn't retain any fiscal year settings from the underlying fields.


      Some of the examples I found in the forums help generate a fiscal year which works correctly for getting fiscal year totals, but doesn't seem to allow the sorting of months I need in this case.


      Any idea or helps would be greatly appreciated