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    Shape icon shifting sizes

    Pamela Germain

      Has anyone experienced this behavior before? I have a shape that changes sizes on the published to server version when different charts are on the dashboard. When the JC/PC Details worksheet is on the dashboard, the icon looks normal, when I remove it, the icon bloats. No other change was made to the dashboard. Any idea why this would happen? I've tried different worksheets and it's always the same behavior, the icon bloats unless the JC/PC Details worksheet is there. This is a server side only problem, it's look normal on desktop.

      Unfortunately I cannot upload the workbook for privacy reasons and I can't reproduce it in a fake workbook.

      The info icon is a worksheet added to the dashboard, here is what it looks like. All it is doing is providing the ability to add comments in a tooltip that users will see when they hover over the icon.