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    First bar shoudl be constant but the second bar value should change accrodingly the Top bar in a Side by Side bar chart

    lalitha p

      Hi Everyone,


        I have a requirement like this.

        I have a dashbaord with 2 reports in it.

      1) A map showing sales across all the states.

      2) A side by side bar with overall sales across al the categories and and the other bar is showing the total sales for all the states. (which is nothign but same value ideally)


      Reports are fine but the problem here is if i click on the top report my below 2nd report should filter out accordingly.

      Now when i click on any value in the map, say california (sales: 11000) the below graph should display liek this:

      the bar is with the overall sales only (category wise) and the second bar should display the value which we filtered out accordingly from top sheet.


      But here i am getting both the values same. i,e both the values are filterign out.


      In 9 version we can make use of LOD expression, fixed

      calc1: { FIXED [Category] : sum([Sales]) }  and calc2: { FIXED [Category], [State] : SUM([Sales]) } liek this and then i have taken .It is fine with 9.0 version.


      But if it is with 8 version how can i do this becoz LOD won't get supported by previous versions.


      Please help me out..