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    How to align vertical layout containers' borders?

    Łukasz Majewski



      I am having a problem with effective aligning of layout containers. I have two main vertical ones contained in an outer horizontal. And I want those inner vertical to show borders. The dashboard size is fixed and my goal is to always have borders fixed to that size and aligned. Now regardless if those inner vertical containers' height is fixed or not I am getting this annoying extra space at the bottom as depicted below:


      I was trying to replicate this behavior using superstore data but it just aligned fine... so I can only paste this picture but cannot share actual workbook.

      Maybe you came across similar issue and could tell what I should do to have the bottom section (height is not fixed) expand to the bottom. On the left side with filters I dragged a "blank" item to fill in the space but I do not want to do this with my charts as they are flat enough already...