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    Seb Bec

      I have created a dashboard with a single-value quickfilter
      (color1,color2, color3). When I select one of the choices (e.g. color1), the
      location is defined in the map backround (longitudinal, latitude) so far so
      good.  What I want to do now is selects a
      choice (e.g. color2) , an image2 is displayed. so I did this:

      I placed few images (image1, image2, image3) in the "shapes"
      folder then I added one to the dashboard (via the image icon).

      Is there a way to rotate these images, like select color3
      then the image3 is displayed and so on?

      many thanks

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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          hi Seb,


          You can use the color1,color2, color3 dimension in shapes and select each image. when you filter then each image will display.




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            Seb Bec

            Many thanks Sankar,

            I have to admit, I am rather new to Tablea so learning as I go.  In any case, I do not fully understand your advice, al I did was to click in the image icon (in dashboard) and import the image so how can I link that to the quickfilter (clor1-3)?

            do you have a simple example of a quickfilter selecting images?

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              Tharashasank Davuluru



              To add an image in a worksheet, you need to use Marks Shape.

              This is the process:

              1.- Copy you image file to a folder in C:\Users\<username>\My Documents\My Tableau Repository/Shapes\My Image Note that you need to create the folder My Image

              2.- Create a calculated field with the formula: "image"

              3.- Drag that calculate field to Rows shelf

              4.- In Marks card, select Shape

              5.- click on Shape button in Marks card and click on More Shapes....

              6.- In dialogue Edit Shape, click on Reload Shapes, then select the Shape Palette My Image and select your image as a shape

              7. Click on OK



              Please have a look at the attached workbook

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