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    Referencing back to other values for the max/min value of a column

    Valerie Liang

      So I have data that looks like this

      NameLast NameDate registeredSize
      ALMarch 15
      BMMarch 18
      CNMarch 13
      DOMarch 14
      EPMarch 22
      FQMarch 25
      GRMarch 34
      HSMarch 36
      ITMarch 37
      JUMarch 44
      KVMarch 4



      and for each date I have graphed the maximum and minimum "size" value.

      For example along the X axis is March 1, March 2, March 3, March 4, and along the Y axis are numerical values that graph the minimum and maximum for each date. (There are two lines). Now I want the tooltip to show the values of Name and Last Name of the max and min value of each but it's showing up as *. I don't want to graph the Name and Last Name, just want the information to show when I hover over each point. For example, the minimum for March 1 would show 3 on the graph, but then when I hover over it I would like to be able to see C and N.


      Any suggestions?