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    Interactive dashboard with blended data-not all elements interact

    Samantha Salvador

      Hi there.  Fairly new Tableau user here (first time posting) and I've hit a bit of a wall with a dashboard that I am creating.  I have 2 data sources that I've blended.  One is student level (1 record per student) and one is course level (multiple records per student).  I have a dashboard with 3 elements (a student roster, a pie chart with race, and a stacked bar chart with % probability of passing the course).  I've also created filters using parameters and calculated fields (as recommended here: Filtering Across Multiple Data Sources | Tableau Software) for grade level and school (these are meant for HS principals to be able to drill down and see which students are eligible for which courses).  In the dashboard I've also selected the "make filter" option on all 3 charts.  My issue is that not all of my data elements will interact with each other.  For example- I can click on a section of the pie chart and everything adjusts accordingly, but it doesn't work when I click on a section of the stacked bar chart.  Or if I add another pie chart in, that one won't interact.