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    Display Time Studies - Ideas

    Joseph Miller

      Hello Everyone,


      I am looking for ideas of how to display data from a time study.  I have looked through the forum, but haven't come across anything similar.  Hoping someone can send me to an example, blog, or other that may give me inspiration.


      Details: I have stopwatch data from observations.  A person with a stopwatch observes a person at work on a process and records the amount of time spent doing various activities.  The process, a teaching environment, is non-standardized, but includes four basic categories (e.g. student work, transition) and with sub-categories (e.g. independent practice, arrival routine).  The time spent collecting data is also non-standard (anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes).  The resulting data set includes a list of times (e.g. 2:25 student work, independent practice, and so forth).


      I am having a little trouble thinking of an interesting and creative way to show the patterns that emerge between classrooms (e.g. one classroom may have very few transitions while another may have frequent transitions).  My first attempt was to use a stacked bar chart color-coded by category (there are four categories).  It displays a different bar for each observation.  It works, but lacks elegance.


      So, really this is a plea to break my designers block.  I just seem to have run into a wall.


      Thanks in advance if anyone has ideas!