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    How to take number of records for string values, while using measure values on a common Y axis over time?

    Chey Samanchi




      I was using Measure values to study distinct values of 4 variables over date as reference (on X-axis).S date in column cell & measure values in row cell.


      I've used@@ Sdate to display date on X axis. Measure values should contain distinct count of Sdate (on tab- BS), Mdate (on tab -BM) & I (on tab- PM) and Schoice with values as 'Right' only (Left to be eliminated').



      BS as the main data source, left joint with BM (Joining clause as  ID = I1)

      BS as the main data source, left joint with PM (Joining clause as ID = B)


      I'm able to generate line graphs for Sdate, Mdate & I as shown in the below screenshot. But unable to do the same for Schoice.



      I've identified that SChoice is string type and the reason for not fitting on date representing X axis.  When I'm trying to make a calculation in between Sdate & Schoice, earlier lines are getting affected.


      Can anyone guide me, please?


      I've attached my data file as well.


      Thanks in advance.