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    Create freeze pane effect with containers within a container


      I am attempting to create a financial report, which is all rows and columns.  The row headers and current time period will appear in the blue container, which is the first Horizontal container listed on the layout.  To the right of this container is a purple container, with three embedded containers which will show a variance to the prior period, variance to budget and variance to prior year.  The width of each Tableau sheet going into each of the embedded containers is greater than the container size.  This naturally results in a scroll bar (scrolling from left to right at the bottom of each container).  Scrolling within each container is not an option for me. 


      What I would like to do is to be able to expand the purple container (this is the container with the embedded containers) to be wider than the dashboard itself, which would place a scroll bar at the bottom of the purple container, allowing me to expand the size of the embedded containers to be wide enough that there will no longer be scrolling within them. The end result would be the blue container would be frozen on the screen as the user scrolls from left to right on the purple container, viewing each of the embedded containers in their entirety.


      I have not been able to solve this.  One other idea I had was a dashboard within a dashboard, which doesn't seem possible.


      The image is the high level conceptual view I describe above.


      I understand there may be other ways to present the data differently to preserve space, but this is unfortunately not an option.  The Excel report has been used for board and executive meetings for sometime, and I am unable to change the format.  Also related to this is the necessity to have each variance on a different worksheet.  Because of the specifics on how and where I need subtotals, I must have different sheets for each.