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    FIXED LOD vs. Dimension Filter & Select None

    David Lutz

      Hi all,

      I'm not sure whether this is intended behavior and I haven't been able to locate any commentary on the issue, but it appears that selecting "none" when using a dimension filter impacts FIXED LOD calculations, even if that dimension has not been included in the LOD calc.


      Using the Superstore sample data, I create the following LOD calc, named [Order Id FIXED]:


      { FIXED :MAX([Order ID])}


      I then drag this dimension to the Rows shelf, add [Order Date] to the Filter shelf (initially selecting "All"), and it looks like this:




      So far so good.  As anticipated, I can select any single date or set of dates in the [Order Date] filter, and it returns the same [Order Id] value, which is great.  However, when I select NO Order Date (by editing the [Order Date] filter and clicking on "None"), the [Order Id FIXED] calculation returns... nothing at all. 


      My understanding is that it should still return the MAX Order Id, without regard to the Order Date filter; is there something I'm missing?  Is there something super obvious that isn't occurring to me?