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    Calculated field across all user data

    Armin Oliya

      Hi guys,


      I'm working with a cube dataset where we store daily aggregates of user activity. Sample schema:


      Users (user_id, country, account_activation_date, email,...)

      Cube(user_id, date, num_purchases, purchase_amount, used_feature_x, used_feature_y)



      What I'm trying to do is to classify my users into those who have repeat purchases and see if there is a correlation with the usage of feature x. I'm planning to do a used_feature_x vs CNT(user_id) in a bar/line chart and then color/label them differently based on their loyalty.


      First thing I tried was to create an aggregate calculated field: Sum(num_purchases) > 1. but I have to include user_id my row/column to make it work and it doesn't really give the results i want.

      Is there a way to calculate (sort of 'off-grid') a new column for Users table to store the total number of purchases in his lifetime?



      Thanks for any hint