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    Published data source is updated. Workbook with live connection to it - not

    Ivan Klimovich

      Hi Folks. Here is what I'm doing and I don't see what is the problem:


      1. I've connected to SQL Server database from Tableau, created extract and Published it to Server. So I now have Published data source.
      2. I've started new workbook, connected Live to this source and built my dash.
      3. I published the workbook to the Server.
      4. After a couple of days the database updated, the Published data source updated (I checked this by connecting to Data Source from Desktop and by updating my local dashboards). But!!! Workbooks are still showing the data from previous refresh. So despite Live connection, the workbooks are not updated.

      I tried refreshing the browser, CTRL+F5 or anything  - nothing works, except when you hit 'Refresh' on the server :



      I can't understand why Live connection can give such behaviour. Can someone explain?