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    Pie chart: how to create one using two columns in the same row?

    Israel Silva



      I'm a new user of Tableau and I have the following situation.

      I have a table which contains 2 columns corresponding to the total number of citizens in an election section and the total number of these citizens who have already reviewed their personal data.

      Let's say, election section number 1 has 400 citizens and 100 out of 400 have updated their personal data (so 300 have not).

      An election section belongs to a city, and a city belongs to a state.

      A state has many cities and a city has many election sections.


      What I want is to build a simple pie chart that shows 2 slices: amount of citizens that have already updated personal data and citizens that have not.

      This pie chart has to summarize the state, showing the sum of all election sections.


      Any idea or help is appreciated.