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    URL Actions all open in the same browser window

    Joe Proulx

      New Tableau user, just joined a group that has been using Tableau for about one year.


      We have a "landing page" that lists all of our reports - this landing page is actually a Tableau dashboard itself. Our executives hit this page first, then select which reports they want.


      If they click a report, it opens up in a new window, which is a desired result. But the issue is that if they click three reports in a row (not uncommon), all three reports open up in the same tab, in the same new window, so essentially they only see the last one they clicked.




      An exec clicks Report1, Report2, Report3. A new window will open and show Report1...then be replaced by Report2...then be replaced by Report3.


      Is there a way to force each URL action to open in its own window? Ideally it opens up in its own tab, but I won't be picky...opening up new browser windows is acceptable. Essentially what I want is the html equivalent of the 'target="_blank"' functionality.


      Thanks all! New Tableau user and this is a tremendous community and resource.