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    Swapping Dimension with Parameters:  Displaying Member vs Alias

    Ramzi Alqrainy

      Hi guys,


      I use parameters to swap dimensions:

      • Payment Solution (credit card, cash etc)
      • Device (smartphone, desktop etc)
      • Product (Tshirt, Bag etc)


      Each dimension has numeric values to which I have assigned an Alias.

      For example the Payment Solution dimension contains values 1 to 4 where each value corresponds to a payment solution.

      In Tableau I have given each value an alias.


      So far so good.


      Now when I use parameter to swap the dimension it returns the numeric value as opposed to the alias corresponding to that numeric value.

      Is there any way I can solve this? Is calculated field perhaps the solution somehow (it usually is lol)


      Here is a screenshot illustrating the problem:



      Any help highly appreciated, guys!