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    Report to show the sales for the last possible date that's available for each month


      Hi All,

      I have a report requirement to get the Sales for the "last day"  that's available for any given month.


      We also have some cases where we don't have the data for the absolute last day of the month. (For example in the screenshot below ,the absolute last day of Dec 2015 should be 12/31, but its data is not available, hence we'll take 12/29/2015 's data which is 728. But for Jan 2016, we'll choose 1/31/2016's data since it is available i.e. 800). As it is shown in the report format below, I need the 'Sales' to be shown by month displaying the latest data available for that month.


      This is a time sensitive requirement for me. Thank you for your help!