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    Tableau Public 9.2 only imports 1000 rows from Excel File

    Darren Siow

      Whenever I connected an Excel file containing more than 1000 rows (records) to Tableau, I noticed that Tableau only imports the first 1000 rows from the Excel file at the data source window, leaving the rest un-imported. I could, however, "force" Tableau to import the rest of the data by typing in a number in the box next to Rows in the data source window that is larger than the total number of rows in the Excel file (E.g. If my Excel file contained 1,708 rows, Tableau only imported the first 1,000 rows, but I forced Tableau to import the remaining 708 rows by typing 2,000 in the Rows box - see uploaded image files for more details).


      Although this problem is easily rectified using the above method, I would like to know if there is a way to ensure that Tableau imports all the rows in a file.