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    Creating cohort analysis graph using average of averages

    Joyce Chan



      I'm still learning Tableau and trying to figure out how to create a cohort analysis graph. Ultimately, I'm trying to show the average total sales by cohort over time. For instance, I have the following data:


      Sale IDSale AmountSales RepTime Since HireCohort
      1$100Joe1 month1
      21$150Joe1 month1
      3$200Rick1 month1
      4$50Joe2 month1
      5$75Jane1 month2
      6$200Jane2 month2
      7$150Jane2 month2


      I need to:


      1. Sum total sales by Rep by Month (ex: @ 1 month...Joe = $100 + $150; Rick = $200; Jane = $75)

      2. Average total sales by rep by month by cohort (ex: cohort 1 @ 1 month.... ($250 + $200) / 2)

      3. Plot the data where X-axis = Time since hire, Y-axis = Avg Total Monthly Sale, and each line represents the different cohorts (i.e., the average of the sales reps within a cohort)