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    How to display NA for Null/Empty Cells (Cell has % formating) in Measure Name/Measure Value GRID

    Hiren Mehta

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I am facing one issue and looking for help/


      I have created text table with Measure Name on Columns Shelf, Dimension on Rows Shelf, and Measure Value on Text Mark. I have set Special Value Text as "NA" while formatting Measure Value. I have few calculated fields (i.e. Year over Year % Difference (YoY)) for which I have set "Percentage" as default number format. For some of the measures, there are no values in the source for particular dimensions and above formatting will show NA whenever there is a Null value for the measure but it does not show NA for the fields where default number format is set to Percentage and that cell is Null or Empty.


      If you know how to show NA for YoY in attached tableau workbook then please share your suggestions.