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    Shapes are showing different in published workbook

    Baskar Subbian

      Hi Everyone,

      I have couple of issues related to map display and the shapes I used in my dashboard.


      1) I used shapes (built in shapes not custom shapes Green & red arrows)) in my dashboard to show the +ve and negative growth percentage. When I published the workbook and in the server it's showing different shapes than what I used (Circles & squares). When I select a different time period and it shows correctly. after I came back to the same period my view looks perfect. My initial load looks like this. Same possitive % initially it shows circles and after refresh it shows the arrow. Desktop version it is working fine.

      After I refresh it looks perfect.

      Any comments on this. How do I resolve this.


      2) Second issue is map display. even after I enable the map it shows white background.

      But working as expected in the desktop version.

      Any reason for this? How do I fix this?