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    Mapping with unknown values - US States

    Joel Kleyer

      My database at work has a very messy state field where any text value is allowed (ex: TN and Tennessee).  When I go to create a simple heat map, only 15% of the values populate on the map (only ~5% are null).  I have the unknown box in the bottom right corner of the map telling me all the values that it does not recognize.  Tableau recognizes that "TN" and "Tennessee" are the same and notes them both as Tennessee (a 'matching location').  However, when I look at the map only 8 are represented.  In my data source, 8 are labeled as "Tennessee" and 1,386 are labeled as "TN".  Tableau knows that these are the same value, but is only displaying the one on the map.


      What am I missing?  It seems like Tableau is choosing to display only one of the values and throwing out the other one.  How do I get Tableau to show the matching location that appears to be more normalized?




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          Shinichiro Murakami

          Difficult to say without seeing the data, but  probably you need to create another calculated field to show both TN and Tennessee as "Tennessee".

          Then put that new field in label.




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            Sean Boon

            Hi Joel,


            I don't think Tableau is throwing out the data.  Once you have done Edit Locations and specified what state to match it to, they are being placed in the viz.   I think what you are seeing is that Tableau doesn't aggregate all of the messy names into the single entity.  So TN and Tennessee are both being mapped as Tennessee and the two marks are being stacked on top of each other.   If you convert it to a point map and then do a selection around it, you'll see that there are two marks being selected.  You could also group these items and then place the group on level of detail and that should work for you.