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    Upgrading Desktop and Server: What was your plan?

    Meghan Kyle

      Hi Everyone,


      We are preparing to upgrade our Tableau environment from 9.0 to 9.2.4.  My question isn't so much around "how" do you upgrade. I think we know the how. It's really the planning part.  We have a small environment. One server plus 10 desktop users.   The way I'm looking at it is:


      (1) Upgrade Tableau Server After Hours

      (2) Have each of my desktop users upgrade their desktops to 9.2.4 as soon as possible or compatibility with server and each other is lost

      (3) Check my customer portal to confirm each user has upgraded to the correct version




      I come from the Cognos world where your reporting tool + repository are all accessed from the same browser therefore the upgrade happens across all reporting object files and tools.  Having a separate client install for Desktop is a different experience for me so I want to be sure I plan it out correctly.


      How do you manage your upgrades?