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    Sizing multiple maps consistently

    Kinsey Owen

      Hello everyone,


      I am attempting to create a map to be housed on a data website for a non-profit that I work for. Really it is multiple maps (one on each dashboard to toggle through) they show different data indicators - I am having a hard time keeping the maps the same size and exact location on each dashboard using my current method of eyeballing it. Meaning as you toggle from topic to topic the maps shift slightly in spacing and size. If anyone has any tips or tricks on how to maintain sizing for the maps I would greatly appreciate learning more on how to tweak these to look polished

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          Joe Oppelt

          If you are floating them , then when you've clicked on any floating object on your dashboard, you get grid coordinates and sizes in the lower left corner of your edit-dashboard sheet.  Just set the numbers identically from dashboard to dashboard.

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            Ravi Mistry

            Hey Kinsey,


            Joe is right, using floating can work, but if you;'re looking to have a fixed width or height, you can use containers to do this. Using a horizontal container will give you access to control the height, and a vertical one will let you control the width. Have a play around with these - Containers can get tricky and out of hand really quickly, so be warned!

            The steps for this would be to

            - put your maps in a container, line them up next to one and other

            - then if you go to the drop down for each part of the viz (appearing next to the 'close' and 'use as filter' tags in the grey outline when you select a chart)

            - choose 'select layout container'

            - then 'edit height' or 'edit width' depending on which container you have selected


            I hope this works, I've been meaning to blog about this trick for a few months!

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              Kinsey Owen

              Thanks for replying Ravi and Joel,


              I have noticed you can set exact locations for the tiles themselves whether floating or fixed, my real tricky issue is that you can move the map around within that tile and don't know how to fix that map within the a tile. I am attaching two snipped pictures of two of my 6 maps these have the exact same coordinates for the tile/box for the map and you will see that the blue one is more to the left and I have been eyeballing this - how do I get the map itself to be in the exact same spot from dashboard to dashboard?


              Happy Monday!



              Tableau map forum example.PNG tableau map forum example 2.PNG

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                Joe Oppelt

                That's why I go with floating.  I control every aspect of positioning when I float. 


                I just haven't been a big fan of tiled dashboards.  But it's a matter of personal taste -- like rock-n-roll vs country-and-western.

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                  Gustavo Bretas

                  I do it by duplicating the selected map, turning off the options for zooming, scaling etc.  What changes is the coloring and the pies on top of the maps. In the end all the maps have the same position and scale.