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    Can I use actions to drill to the same worksheet from varying visualizations on a single dashboard?

    Pamela Germain

      I have several charts with differing values where I would like to be able to click on any mark to show the details in a crosstab worksheet. I've attached a sample workbook.


      There are 4 worksheets on the dashboard. 3 are showing the different ways I'm showing terms, the 4th is the detail that only shows when I click on a mark.

      The obvious marks to click on are the bars and points on the line, but I also want to be able to click on the single text measure that is showing on the upper left.


      I can get one action to work, but when I add the actions for the other 2, it begins to fail.

        The bar for group1 is bringing back 3 values instead of just the 1 I expect.

        Clicking on the text measure does absolutely nothing, or its just bringing back everything so it doesn't change.

        The line points seem to work ok, but I also may just not have enough varying data to test with.


      I'm open to all ideas, including re-working the backend data as a last resort.