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    How to calc a percentage between filtered and unfiltered totals ?

    Joe Lischynski

      I have this report that applies the given required filters to an input file to properly calc the 'Opp Trade Check' field shown below.  But I need to then calc the percentage of this result compared to the total UNFILTERED Block count (by each Sector and Trader) from the input file.  The problem in this first screen shot is that both the 'Number of BUYs' and 'Number of Blocks' are also impacted by the filtering logic.



      So I then created a 2nd sheet where I removed all the filtering logic to get the real unfiltered Totals:

      I can then bring these two sheets together on a dashboard, but the problem is that I can't figure out how to calc a percentage from the 'Opp Trade Check' from the 1st sheet to the real unfiltered 'Number of Blocks' from the 2nd sheet.


      Is there a way to perform this kind of calc?

      Or is there a better way to restructure this logic where I can get both the Filtered and Unfiltered results on the same sheet to then perform the calc easier?