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    Use field in calculation but not in filter

    Stephan Matz

      Hello everyone,


      can i use a field only for calculations in a calculation field without marking it´s element in a quick-filter list?




      The field [Verfg_Betrieb_Dauer_Akt] is used for calculations of the blue bargraph, but the user shouldn´t use it´s element (ANL_Betriebszeit.PV) in the filter.

      If ANL_Betriebzeit.PV is unchecked, the field [Verfg_Betrieb_Dauer_Akt] cannot used for calculations. See the next picture.




      Here is the calculation:



      How can i hide this element in the filter list, or how can i work arround this?



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          Bill Saltmarsh

          Hi Stephan,

          One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a set of all the values you actually want to show in your filter list. So, for your example, you would right-click on the field and create a set that includes only the values you want to include in the filter. Then you put that new set on the filter shelf, and then show the filter. That filter will now remove the value(s) from the list that you left out of the set.


          Hope that helps.




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            Stephan Matz

            Hi Bill,


            thanks for your response.

            I tried your suggestion, but it works only partially. See next picture!


            Only elements are shown in the filter, which are configured in the set "Fahrbereiche". But the bargraph is also cleared. I think the calculation for this bargraph also lose the Data of that removed value!


            How can it be calculated in the background without marking in the filter list?

            Any Idea