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    Lea Zimmer

      Hello together,


      i have a problem with the dateformat


      My Dimension is ATTR([Konting (agm)].[Datkunvertrag])


      I have a connection between two tables


      Thank you



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          Hi Lea Zimmer,


          I'm not sure to understand your issue with the date format. It looks good to me.

          Are the asterisks causing troubles, and we should have dates here? In this case, would you be able to provide us with the workbook, .twbx please?


          Usually, the asterisk indicates a problem with the data blending between data sources. To resolve this, you need to edit the relationship between the two data sources.

          I advise you to take a look at this article from our knowledge base. The second part might help you.


          We would be happy to help you solve this out!

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            Lea Zimmer

            Hi Lénaïc,


            thank you for you quick answer. But I have solved the problem.