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    Advanced Filter Question

    Blake Lynch

      This may be a simple issue, but I'm drawing a blank at present time.  I have a use case where the end user wants to select a filter (in this case the 'Office Name Filter' as seen in the below screen shot) to compare that office against "like" offices.  I had created this a few years ago, but it required the end user to select the 'TTM Comparison Revenue Group Filter' as seen below in the old screen shot (my apologies for all the white out but the info is confidential, but I didn't want to take the time recreating with sample data for now in case it's an easy solution ).


      I've been asked to dust this old workbook off and to update it.  What I would like to do is have the user select the 'Office Name Filter' and have it automatically filter the 'TTM Comparison Revenue Group Filter' dimension for the 'Top 3 Comparison Offices P&L' sheet.  I searched the forums and I'm currently at a loss for how to accomplish this.  Is there a way to have the selection of that office and it's corresponding 'TTM Comparison Revenue Group' dimension automatically filter the other sheet ('Top 3 Comparison Offices P&L')?  Thanks in advance for all the help and if a sample workbook is needed I can recreate this with the Superstore dataset.





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          Blake Lynch

          The more I've researched this the more I've come to realize this likely isn't possible using filters in Tableau.  For now I've used the work around option of having the end user select two filters in order to accomplish the end goal.  Not ideal, but it allows the expected output.