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    Separate Dimension display order from grouping/aggregation order

    Ira Skop

      Anyone else run into a desire to do this?


      I have 2 dimensions and 1 measure. If I use Dim1 and Dim2 as dimensions in my viz and sum(Meas1) as my measure, the dimensions display as Dim1, then Dim2 (i.e. all the Dim2's within each Dim1).

      But what if I want to group by Dim1, Dim2 but order by Dim2, Dim1. Extending this, why does my measure have to be the right-most column? The dimension granularity can remain intact, even if I display the columns in a different sequence.


      I want the display order of the dimensions and aggregate measures in the viz to be independent of the sequence used for grouping and aggregation.


      So I could get something that looks like this, e.g.:


      Rather than this:


      I'd welcome hearing others' thoughts about this.