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    Story Format Help

    Sandy Wolfkind

      Issue 1 :


      Can someone help me with fixing the size of the application , I have the a Story created with all the sheets and dashboard but when ever I publish my report I see 2 scroll bars as below , which I want to avoid but just not sure what setting make this work



      Issue 2:


      How do I avoid the background color of the last columns , all the columns have white except the last one




      Issue 3: Even though I select word wrap .. my field labels does not get wrapped


      Attached my application

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          Hi Sandy Wolfkind,


          Regarding the blue color in the background, here is how to remove it:

          1. Go the the concerned sheets ;
          2. Click on the drop down arrow, next to "Title" ;
          3. Then click on "Format Title" and change the shading to white :
          4. Double click on the title and change the color of the police, to black ;
          5. Proceed with every sheets or tiles.

          I am not entirely sure this is what you wanted... but I don't see any blue column.


          Same, I haven't spotted any double scroll bars in your worksheet.


          And to finish, I see all the words wrapped, so I'm not sure what is the issue here. Could you please develop and/or create better views so we can spot the issues?

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            Sandy Wolfkind

            I did not mention that the problem is with Blue color , the problem is with last column values when its shaded with Grey for alternate rows.


            Please go to the recent issues Tab no wrapping is done even though I selected Wrap in format, and also you can see 2 scroll bars when you move to far right on the Recent Issues tab

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              Chris McClellan

              Issue 2 - it sounds like you have a lot of dimensions, and then a single measure.


              To remove the background colour on each alternate row, do this :


              - right click on one of the white/grey cells and choose Format

              - in the sidebar choose the paintcan icon (Shading) at the top of the sidebar

              - scroll down to Row Banding and reduce the Band Size to 0 (you can also change the Pane Colour instead, but the band size will fix it for you)