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    Calculation based on Data Blending not working.


      Please see the attached workbook.



      It has three tabs. Plans, Individual Plans and Aggregate Plans. (all filtered on plan type= Total PPlans)


      Pplans has Individual and Aggregate plans and so  is the reason I blended on the Aggregate ID's to see ...when Plan ID is null then show Individual and when not null showing aggregate ID's which I'm good to show in separate worksheets.


      But my requirement is to show all the three in one worksheet which is Plans tab in my attached workbook.

      I need to show Total PPplans  as 3864982 which is easy and I'm good but when trying to show the other two counts I'm getting 0's.


      Total PPLans = Pplan- Individual  Plans+Pplan- Aggregate  Plans  (How I'm identifying is based on plan_id in the secondary source)


      The calculations I'm using are  Pplan- Individual  Plans and    Pplan- Aggregate  Plans ( which are not working)


      So final output i want to show in one worksheet is :





      Please share your thoughts.

      Thank you in advance

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