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    "Spinning wheel" on embedded dash appears zoomed in

    James Gibbon

      We have several embedded dashboards on a public site that look as expected when loading on mobile, but when they load on desktop the "spinning wheel" that appears while they load is zoomed in so that you see 3-4 flashing dots - it doesn't last very long but it's disorienting (if not migraine-inducing). Our web developers say it's on the dashboard side and not something they can control.


      The site is public, so you can see the behavior I'm referring to here: Annual Giving - March Challenge . I've also attached a screenshot below.  [ETA:  It only seems to happen in FireFox (I'm using 44.0.2), so this may be hard to troubleshoot...]


      Any thoughts on settings to check or maybe sizing issues to address?




      zoomed in wheel.png