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    Why is Tableau Server report URL contain '#' or 't' symbols?

    Egor Larin

      Hello all!



      I have a question about Tableau Server URL of any report. I have Tableau Server 9.0.5 with 3 sites, one of them - is Dev.


      1. When you are opening a report in Tableau Server - it has that url structure: https://tableau.***.net/#/site/dev/views/workbookname/viewname
      2. When you click on Share button and use Email Link - it has that url structure: https://tableau.***.net/t/dev/views/workbookname/viewname (+url parameters)


      If you copy-paste the first variant of url - End User follows to whole certain site, not to certain view

      If you copy-paste the second variant of url - End User follows to certain site with certain view


      My question is:

      Why is the structure different? Why we have '#' symbol and for what?


      IMHO it would be nice to have the same structure of URL in both cases.

      I have many cases when End Use being confused with browser URL and why it isn't working for them.



      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance,


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