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    YoY calc

    Brandon Stern

      I am in need of a true year over year calc.  I have seen many solutions using today() in the dashboard but that won't work for me because my data comes in for a previous months at random times and can't be counted on to be a specific day or even a month.


      I based the mock up below off Coffee Chain data.


      So current Year to Date is everything in the dashboard for this year

      Last Year would be everything in the dashboard that has a corresponding month.  So if in the data I have Jan and Feb it needs to be Jan-Feb only 2015.

      Previous year to data would be Jan-Feb 2014.


                                            C  u  r  r  e  n  t    Y  e  a  r                   P r  e  v  i  o  u   s   Y  e  a  r           Y  e  a  r  B  e  f  o  r  e

      CountryCustomerDiscountProfitProfit RatioSalesDiscountProfitProfit RatioSalesDiscountProfitProfit RatioSalesTotal Trans       VarTotal Spend          
        Trans         Var
      Total Trans         Var