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    Starter Kit Video's Not Loading

    Bob Thon

      Hello.  I have recently acquired a Desktop license and was recommended to use the Starter Kit at: Starter Kits | Tableau Software


      The starter kit page loads and I then click on the Watch: Getting Started (23min.) link which takes me to Getting Started | Tableau Software


      On the first time of visiting this page, it doesn't realize I am logged into the site and asks me to fill in information as if I am a guest, or login.  I login then go back to the site and it gives me a "Watch Now" button.  Upon clicking on the watch now button, a black screen loads and no video plays.  Down at the bottom left of the screen is a link to the MP4 video.  When going to that link (http://uds.ak.o.brightcove.com/3798483592001/3798483592001_4115351841001_Getting-started-9-0--ENG.mp4) I get a "Failure: 403 Forbidden" error.  When clicking on the other downloads on the getting started page (Data Set, Solution Workbook, Transcript), I am able to download the files onto my computer.


      Thinking it might just be the getting started page, I went back to the starter kit and tried to load the Filter Shelf tutorial at Using the Filter Shelf | Tableau Software


      On this page I yet again get a black screen and this time when clicking on the MP4 link at the bottom left, the page (http://brightcove04.brightcove.com/23/3798483592001/201503/3135/3798483592001_4131944912001_Using-the-Filter-Shelf-9-0-E…)  now says "File not found."


      Are the video's for the Starter Kit down right now?  If not, am I missing a plugin to view the videos?



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          Bob Thon

          As a follow up, I have gotten 3 others at my company to try loading the videos and they all have the same issue.  I then thought it might be our company firewall and tried to load the videos on my phone.  Voila, the video works flawlessly.  Now I need to figure out if it is our company firewall, or if we are all missing some video codec to properly play the video.



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            Mark Fraser

            HI Bob


            Thanks for updating on progress.

            Just to confirm, from a separate location, the videos are up, and should play fine, I used Chrome.


            As you say, its likely to be either your company firewall or content blocking software, ask Tableau.com to be white listed.


            If you can get to the page, you maybe able to download the video and watch it locally

            I am going to mark your answer correct, as you answered your original query.


            Please make use of the forums as you continue your learning, loads of fantastic people and resources here