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    Line graph with Right axis only


      Hi All,

      I have to create a line chart with a dimension and a measure span over the date (The dimension here is derived from a set which is top 3 by the sum of the measure descending). I created a dual axis graph with dummy measure( with value as "0"
      ) as mentioned in this thread Showing values on right axis. I swapped the Y axes by dragging the right dummy measure Y axis on to the left Y axis. The only issue is that in the graph I have six measure lines ( 3 dimension members for 2 measures). I'd like to take out the dummy measure lines from the graph without affecting the overall setup.


      As a final result , I'd like to see a line graph with actual measure on right Y axis and no axis on left Y axis. The graph should contain only 3 actual measure lines  and no measure lines for dummy measure. If this is not possible, I'd like to change the color of three dummy measure lines to make them all white so that it's not visible (This seems to be not possible with the existing color palettes).



      Appreciate any help in this regard.


      Thank you