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    Visualize clinical event in time series

    Jue Hou

      Hi all,


      I'm a 3-month-only Tableau user and a newbie to this forum. Very happy to find this support community while searching for a solution for a problem I have here. 


      The problem is to visualize a clinical pathway where there are multiple events (X-ray, blood test, surgery, medicine, etc.) happening for a single patient in a time series manner. I want to visualize the events as small bars (color coded for different categories of event) followed by one another on a single line. Please see the picture below for a sample done using another software. Sorry for the poor image quality since it is a screenshot from a video... Each line here is a single patient.




      In the second picture below, it illustrates how the visualization would show the respective occurrence of the same event across all patients.





      I'm going through Tableau Public's gallery to look for similar designs. In the meantime, I wonder if anyone here has any idea on how this could be achieved or alternatively what other resources I could look to other than Tableau Public.


      Again, nice to be here!  Look forward to more learning and sharing in the future!