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    Cascading Quick Filters - Can't work backwards

    Jerry Li

      Attached superstone sample.


      I followed this useful post Cascading Quick Filters in Tableau - The Information Lab  and create three cascading quick filters:

      State (filter 1) -> City (filter 2) -> Zipcode (filter 3)


      First create context for State, then:


      level 1: all value in database

      level 2: all in context

      level 3: only relevant


      IT DOESN’T WORK BACKWARDS. i.e.If I choose zipcode at level 3 and then change any of the level 1 or level 2 values I will end up with blank view.


      Here is a case, when users first choose state->city->zipcode to show a view, if he wants to show another zipcode, he need to select 3 filters again, follow the order: state->city->zip, if you change the state on the second round selection, it end up with blank view. You always need to go through all three quick filters to get a view, except one situation when a city in this dataset have more than 1 zipcode, then you only need to change level 3.


      Any suggestion or if you have seen similar post, please let me know, thanks.


      /* Whenever you change the level 1 (State) after you get the first view, it end up with blank view, I have seen posts like Clear All Filters in a Dashboard with One Click

      and something like "default value for quick filter" - > the idea is to give you a default city and zipcode when you select another state, to avoid the blank view. Based on my experience, you don't want to show your client a blank view while you change the filter selection, it's kind of annoying. */