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    Tableau server - empty content

    Jeff Strauss

      Is this an indicator of a problem?  Recently, whenever I restart TS (on my dev environment), the server content appears to be empty.  But then when I rebuild the index, it shows up?  Anybody have any hints?  I'm on 9.0.5




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          John Kuo

          It could be a bug fixed in v9.0.12 and again in v9.2.4.


          The release notes say:

          In certain cases in Tableau Server, content didn't display after upgrading due to failed search indexing.

          In certain cases after you upgraded Tableau Server, content was missing, and when you attempted to rebuild the search index to correct the problem, an error occurred.

          Since it's a non-prod environment, can you upgrade and see if issue goes away? Make a back up first of course.





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            Jeff Strauss

            thanks John for these insights.  We had 9.2.4 installed on dev and then had to backoff to match prod due to our edge case issue with AD.  We will live with rebuilding the index until we can upgrade to whatever release has the AD fix that engineering is actively working.


            what's weird is that this just started occurring with 9.0.5 upon the clean install.