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    Extract refresh

    Abhishek Bhalotia

      Hi All,


      I need a urgent help


      I have made one tableau report with help of csv file.

      file is named as file1.csv (file has 8100000 records for 1 month)

      i had created an extract of this csv file and then made my report (extract is named file1.tde)


      Now i want to do incremental refresh on my existing model with file2,file3


      in my file2 my column names are in " ", so for incremental refresh, tableau is not able to recognize my column name on which i want to incremental refresh


      I tried to put text qualifier as '', but then it is considering as new csv and my model is only getting refreshed with file2, that means dates and records of file1 is not showing


      please give me a solution to this


      its urgent